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Have you seen some of the Pasadena Vinyl Fencing we have done?

Pacific Vinyl does fencing across Southern California, including Pasadena Vinyl Fencing. You’ve probably seen it already and haven’t even realized it, as vinyl fencing has become a trend, and a good trend at that. It never goes out of style, as it never wears down, or fades away. Have an ugly, but durable, chain link or metal fence? Vinyl has a style to match it. Metal eventually rusts, and pressure treated wood does wear out in time, no matter what the salesperson told you, but vinyl fencing will endure for decades.

Vinyl fencing comes in such a variety of sizing that it can be adapted to any yard, any spacing situation, and any soil. It can even be used as a gate to match the fencing, if you already have a system in place. If not, the talented professionals of Pacific Vinyl will be happy to rectify the situation and provide you with a beautiful, permanent, vinyl fence of your very own. Browse our website to see some examples or contact us for a quote.

Whether you’re in the market for something in your local Encino Vinyl Fencing, or a more rustic look to match your rural farm house, Pacific Vinyl can make it happen. There are picket fences for a welcoming look to your front yard, and a taller slotted fence that resembles a metal style, but in a much more appealing white vinyl look. It’s a great choice for those who desire a slotted fence that will still keep the family dog from getting out.

Ranch rail is an absolute lifesaver to those keeping horses, all the beauty of wood without the maintenance. And for those of you who really miss your wooden fence, there is Durawood. A pleasant pale coffee brown in color, it has all the great things you loved about your old wooden fence, the look and feel of it, without rotting in a few short years. No matter where you live, what your style, or what you dream, Pacific Vinyl Fencing will absolutely have just the thing to fit your needs. Backed with our Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed, you simply can’t lose.